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The Only Program with a 100% First Time Pass Rate on All USMLE Step Exams


Why Choose Us?

You want to pass the USMLE on your first attempt? That is the experience of our students! Now that STEP 1 is Pass/Fail, the number of attempts on the USMLE is more important than ever to secure a residency spot

We boast of a Dynamic Schedule that is based on the student’s evolving strengths and weaknesses

Intensive Integration

Here our staff are trained with special techniques and approach that help the individual student to integrate classroom learning with conceptual knowledge to refine a deeper understanding of clinical applications. With a program that is tailored and organized based on the student’s requirements, we strengthen conceptual knowledge and a higher level of solution-based question techniques.

Individualized Strategies

  • ACTIVATE your foundational medical principles
  • Help BUILD your exam skills and confidence

Get everything you need to succeed in one place: 1-on-1 exam skill tutoring, live lectures on board-researched concepts, group drills, QBank evaluation, weekly exam strategic assessments and progress reports, and 24/7 support

About US

The ABC-123 Exam Prep Team not only offers high quality teaching methods for USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3, but we also offer a program that is beyond exceptional and professional. We have trained tutors who have all themselves also worked with numerous students with very high first-time pass attempt on their USMLE. Our number one goal is to offer ourselves fully and to commit to each student success


Dr Rondell has been an excellent teacher and friend to me, he initially counselled me to calm my nerves that I may be able to think critically in the most effective manner possible, he did this painstakingly through Multiple choice questions and analyses of how I performed and eventually showed me the biases that were causing me to make the same errors via fixation and availability. Dr Rondell made time for me through Step-1 and Step-2 both of which I Passed comfortably well and am very satisfied with my results. I will also be seeking the ABCPrep team as I begin my step 3 journey. It wasn't just always Dr Rondell though, it was also his team members other physicians some of which were his mentors and some of which are his mentees who have performed exceptionally well on their board exams. I would recommend Dr Rondell and his team to anyone who is willing to humble themselves and listen to a supportive yet critical voice train them in reducing cognitive overload and setting aside biases so that they can use the knowledge they have more effectively and also so they can learn more in a much more rapid format. Thank you Dr. Ron and the ABCPrep Team!!

Constantin A. Former Student

Dr. Rondell, I cannot thank you enough for the support and coaching you have given me. It's like a fun kick in the butt. I am grateful you understand and have never let anything interfere with achieving our objective, to be rock stars! No money in the world could pay for the confidence you have given me to succeed. I can breathe better with this assistance from you, who deserves much more. Your Friend

Julia Current Student

I worked with ABC 123 Exam Prep for Step 2CK. I wanted a score that could overlook my Step 1 history of 1 failed attempt and a low passing score. Before working with ABC 123 Exam Prep I did another review course and still failed the CCSE. After working with them I was able to pass the CCSE then achieve 251 on my first attempt of Step 2 CK! The special techniques that they use to correctly answer questions work! I never had individualized tutoring like ABC 123 Prep has given me. My tutor, Dr. Ron, used weekly evaluations to build on my weaker concepts and build my endurance for the exam. Thank you ABC 123 Exam Prep for my success. I could not do this without you.

Sherelle S. Former Student

I am so happy with my step 2 Score. I can honestly say, I could not have done it without, Dr. Rondell and his team. Having someone on your team who understands the mental pressures and amount of information required to take Step 2 ( and Step 1) is beyond beneficial. Rondell made me a personalized schedule and coached me through the whole process. He pushed me harder than I could have pushed myself. When I wanted to give up, he was there for me. He and his team, are easy to talk to, and dare I say it is FUN! Nothing like gabbing and arguing medical theory with other knowledgeable individuals. Be warned when it is time to get down to business, they are on the ball. Worth every penny - listen and do what they say. Give yourself up to the power of this team! I am so proud of my score. Only regret is I wish I had found them sooner. Unlike my medical school, I am not just a dollar sign. It is not about the money. In my experience, ABC-123 Prep is the most humane interaction I have had in medical school.

J. Ellestad Former Student

No other program offers what I’ve experienced at ABC-A123. I was taught question strategies that I did not know existed and was my mind was blown when I started putting them into practice. I’ve never even payed attention to the different type of questions these exams present and that there were different ways of answering them. My only regret was that I didn’t have this program for Step 1. The tutors put in a lot of time to help me improve on my weak areas (who thought I’d actually overcome biostatistics). My score shot up significantly from Step 1 to Step 2. I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Leadon and his team. Thank you ABC-123 Exam prep!!

Leshelle S. Current Student

Dr. Leadon tutored me for surgery rotation along side USMLE step 2CK. Every session I was in with Dr. Leadon he had prepared questions that were in the style of the Step exam on the subject we were talking about. He explained why the correct answer was right and why the wrong answers were not correct. When studying for the Step it’s really important to be exposed to as much material as possible and having someone there explain complicated topics really helps in the process. Dr. Leadon is really easy to talk to and makes a comfortable environment to ask questions when you don’t understand something. I highly recommend him.


I wanted to write and thank you, Dr. Rondell, Immanuel and Sherelle. You and your team are fantastic. I wanted to state that ABCPrep123 did an amazing job and helped me tremendously with my Step 2 studying. I had close to a 220 on Step1. I studied for over a year and my final Step 1 score was the same as my initial diagnostic test score. I felt so defeated. All that studying, one year wasted and my score was still the same as it was when I started. My score wasn't the worst but it didn't reflect all of my time "studying" nor did it reflect my knowledge. I had no idea but I had been carrying that poor performance on my shoulders for all of my clinical rotations. The only person that could see this "chip on my shoulder" was Dr. Rondell. I want to thank you Dr. Rondell for always picking me up. I didn't always believe your pep talks but you were right. You were right to say, "forget the past performance" even when I didn't realize that I was holding on. Immanuel, I want to thank you for being a great listener, a tough coach, and an amazing teacher. I want to thank you for noticing my academic deficiencies and helping me fill the gaps. Immanuel, you have such a keen intuition of knowing what your student doesn't know. Sherelle, I want to thank you for the rapid recall sessions. I learned so much during your sessions. Most of all, I want to thank the whole team at ABCPrep123 for teaching me their system (it works!), how to read questions and rule out distractors, and for helping me get an amazing Step 2 score! Thank you, everyone!!

Naveed Former Student